From moving Sculpture to Bionic Robots - Art, Design, and Science by Mario Wingert

Welcome at the Human Robotx Design Studio. Take a look into the future: art, design, technology and science have been melting here to a new symbiosis.

Computer-controlled additive and generative manufacturing technologies are changing the kind of production in a revolutionary way. As an artist and designer I have been exploring these possibilities since 1994. Instead of carving out a sculpture of full materials (clay, wood, stone) as sculptors do since thousands of years, here something new is emerging: fractal geometric structures with high complexity, realized in a generative way with high-tech.

These sculpture consist of two-dimensional planes which penetrate each other orthogonally in different directions, and so forming complex integrated spatial structures. Such structures dont' have an inside or an outside anymore, only surfaces, which are ever in contact with the environment. Moveable plates-joints then guides to the vision of moving sculpture, which literally could step down from the pedestal. And this leads directly to humanoid robotics, in which artistic, scientific, and engineering disciplines will be united in a new bionic technology.

That structural-geometric concept was inspired by structure generating processes in Nature, which have to be based on simple and recognizeable principles. This is my credo: Complexity follows simple principles. To discover, explore, and understand these principles, to express them in my art, and to master them also by a technology, is the goal of my design and research program.

My most important scientific insight, which could revolutionize our worldview, is the discovery of holistic division and branching processes in the key experiments of quantum physics. These experiments falsify the atom hypothesis, which is now 2500 years old, and all particle models, loud and clear. This demands an all-round scientific paradigm change.

This is not so dramatic as it seems: The failed atomos paradigm (atomos - the indivisible) can be replaced without problems by cell division and branching processes of fields, gases, and fluids, what guides us directly to a molecular physics without atoms. This means that the molecule hypothesis of Avogadro, the empirical evidences of chemistry, especially of chemical reactions, and the periodic table of elements remain valid furthermore also without the indivisibility assumption, the atom hypothesis. The new nature principle enables only a new understanding of the constitution of the reality, a solution of the interpretation problem of the quantum theory, and unites physics, chemistry, and biology on a common foundation. This could be the Kickstart of a new scientific revolution.

This would also have technological importance: When we have understood these principles, we could produce technical artefacts with high complexity like chassis of robots, machines, car bodies, vessel of boats and airplanes, and buildings, which are growing as a whole one like molluscle shells or snail houses. Or, as it is even possible today, to use additive manufacturing procedures, then combined with this new growing-technology and tailor-made engineering materials based on bio- and geopolymerisation processes. The new understanding of the constitution of the reality will also lead to new quantum technologies, p.e. to self-structuring physical networks on the basis of light fibers.


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